Back from the motherland

We had a fantastic time in Texas during spring break.

My favorite moment? The afternoon the kids came running at me full-tilt, carrying a forked stick. “Mommy, we found a lobster!” they yelled.

“Actually, that’s a crawdad,” I replied.

Their faces fell.

“But they’re really tasty too.”

The children remained unimpressed.

Anyway, as promised, here are (belatedly) photos from our trip:

I was sorely tempted to snuggle this little guy home in my luggage. But I figured my sister would probably object.

Getting ready to board the Bertram Flyer: Tootie, the E-man and their cousin Kirin.

"Psst...Kirin. If you refuse to look at her, she'll put the camera down."

Little boy on a train.

Picnic at the park. We had fried chicken — yum!

Down by the creekbank.

"Enough with the pictures, Mommy!"

Wading. And ignoring Mama's pleas to pose for more photos.

Rule No. 1007: "Do NOT have any fun on the playground!!!"

And now I leave you with a happy photo:

Baby feet!!

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