Losing a friend

One of my daughter’s closest friends is moving to Texas. Tootie is devastated. Already, there have been a few spontaneous fits of weeping, even though Jada isn’t leaving until later this week.

The two have much in common β€” a love for dogs, collecting rocks and bugs, reading and running at recess.

This past weekend, we had Jada over for a farewell sleepover. The girls spent most of the night dressing up and dancing. Before bed, they read for an hour, swapping books as they finished. And while we wish all the best for Jada and her family, my heart breaks for Tootie.

The girls put on a show for us Friday night.

There was dancing ...

... clapping games ...

At one point, Hubs got caught up in the moment and showed off some stellar Daddy moves.

The girls were not impressed.

Jada is moving to a part of Texas we often travel through on our way to and from my parents’ home. So I’m hoping the girls can see each other at least a few times a year. Still, it won’t be the same.

5 thoughts on “Losing a friend

  1. Rebecca said she wanted Amanda and Jada to come to a sleep over this summer. I reminded her Jada was moving and she replied all my friends are moving away!


  2. I’m feeling sad for our little granddaughter and her friend. And I truly hope they can see each other sometime.


  3. Jada was Bridgette’s first friend in kindergarten and they have also remained close 😦 Bridgette was up making cards for her this morning and asking what the date was. She said she wishes that she could stop the calender and that the 10th wouldn’t come so fast. It is sad to have a friend move away. My best friend moved this summer to Colorado 😦


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