Do you bento?

As many of you know, Leigh of She’s Crafty is devoted to the bento concept.

This school year, I started sending bento lunches with my kids to school. Unlike Leigh, I can’t seem to get myself enough together in the morning to make lunches AND take photos. Today, however, I thought I would share a few of my methods.

I use two-tiered bento boxes for the kids. The second tier has a clear lid, should you choose to put a sandwich in it! (That lid isn't shown here.) The green and blue things are bendable muffin holders. I use them to keep food in its place.

Lettuce and cucumbers, which are in the shapes of stars and flowers. I have several veggie/fruit punchers that make food look pretty!

In the second tier, rather than a sandwich, I included grapes and ranch dressing. The ranch is for the lettuce and cucumbers.

I should mention here that these bentos fit nicely into retro standard-size lunchboxes, allowing me to include other items, like the yogurt above. On this day, the kids also each had Chef Boyardee in a thermos.

In the end, this lunchbox held a thermos of Chef Boyardee, a two-tiered bento with lettuce, cumcumbers, grapes and ranch AND a container of yogurt AND a juice box. I place the napkin on top, hoping the kids will take the hint.

This morning, I used the top tier of the bentos for roast beef sandwiches. The kids love my many sandwich cutters. This is Tootie's. The E-man had a train. I also sent yogurt, cashews & sunflower seeds and cans of V-8 Infusion Vegetable & Fruit Juice.

And that wraps things up here. Now head over to Leigh’s blog, where you can browse her weekly Bento Mondays!

2 thoughts on “Do you bento?

  1. I like the idea of putting the bentos in a larger lunch box- I had not thought of that. my boys each use a two deck bento (sandwich on top, yogurt on the bottom etc) and take a water bottle with juice.

    Fun post!


  2. yahoo! great job! i love how they will actually eat cucumbers, something i just cannot get nate to do! your lunches look wonderfully cute, and i’m SO jealous of the lunchboxes. where did you get the frog and panda?


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