Girl Scout Cookie Drop

At 8 a.m., a semi stuffed with cookies rolled up to the Fisher Armory.

Guardsmen used a forklift to unload cookies. They deposited each pallet of cookies in a designated area.

Girl Scout leaders were assigned a cookie type. For example, I was a Do-Si-Do, which meant that I stood in the Do-Si-Do area. Whenever a pallet was deposited there, I and my fellow Do-Si-Dos arranged the cases 5 high and 10 deep.

Several kind guardsmen helped us. It was quite fun, watching them sling cases through the air.

We removed the cookies from their pallets and began stacking them.

And the stacks grow higher ...

When your husband is the photographer, you're bound to appear in some of the photos. At least he didn't shoot me from behind, bending over .

After the cookies were neatly stacked, we drew troop numbers. The first four went to their stations, armed with a list of the cookies they ordered. Then we all scurried to bring them cases of their cookies.

After the cases were signed for and loaded into vehicles, another troop would head to that station and begin filling its order.

A big thank-you here to Hubs, who came back to help me get all of the cases home. After lugging all of those cases inside, this is what my hallway looked like:


The cookies have now gone to other homes, thankfully, allowing me to reclaim my hallway.

But if you see a cute little Brownie selling cookies at a Wal-mart, Kroger or Lowe’s, make sure you buy a few boxes. Because I’m sure HER mother also would like to reclaim her home!

2 thoughts on “Girl Scout Cookie Drop

  1. i really want some cookies. please tell me where and when they are going to be selling them. i was a girl scout once upon a time. please advise by e-mail


  2. Wow, you have been hauling cookies all week. I thought I was hauling a load with the 506 boxes that Bear sold. Do the have like a leader of the month award? HA

    I see you sporting your Little Rock Mamas shirt. You go Girl!


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