Babies, Brownies and Birthdays!

Oh, wow. Where to begin?

Friday, my best friend Amy gave birth to a precious little girl named Josie Mae. Yes, I have photos, not just of wee Josie, but all of those who will be described in this post, but well … it’s Sunday night. And the weekend has been so crazy-busy-wonderful, I haven’t had time download all my crazy-wonderful photos.


Little Josie arrived on Friday, the day after my own sweet girl turned 8. I must congratulate Amy on her timing. Not only are February babies the best (says the mama of two February babes), but given the age difference, Amy has ensured herself and husband Walt years of babysitting.

My Tootie is absolutely chomping at the bit to meet little Josie. I’m predicting a sweet big-girl-little-girl relationship here and now.

Saturday, my Brownie troop participated in the Girl Scouts’ annual Thinking Day, which is when we remember our fellow Girl Scouts in other countries.

Saturday night, four little girls came over to our house to celebrate Tootie’s birthday. Three spent the night. While we’ve had many a sleepover, this was our first slumber party, and I was delighted by how well it went.

Yeah, I’m suffering from a bit of sleep deprivation, but the girls got along well. There was no fighting, no midnight drama, no little girl begging me to call her mommy so that she could go home. Instead, I have some precious memories and equally precious photos, which I will share tomorrow.

Not among the pleasant memories is the one of pouring peroxide down my Aussie puppy’s throat in an effort to make her throw up after she consumed a few of the E-man’s leftover grapes — which can be toxic to dogs. (So can raisins, in case you didn’t know.) Anyway, as the girls danced to Selena Gomez, I was in the kitchen attempting to make my dog puke up grapes. Which she did (outside) after I chased her round the kitchen with peroxide.

Ah, puppies. So cute, but so troublesome!

Today (Sunday), I made my second visit to the hospital to see Amy and Walt and Josie. It was a relaxing (OK, for me) evening spent snuggling a newborn and chatting with the new parents and their family.

So yes — hectic weekend. But oh so lovely!

I promise, photos of everything I just described tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Babies, Brownies and Birthdays!

  1. You forgot to mention that the girls started “crank” calling my house around midnight. They called 6 times in about the time span on six minutes until I was able to get Rick on the phone.


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