As many of you probably know, I’m not a fan of video games for kids. Mine like to remind me frequently that they’re the only ones who don’t have a Nintendo DS, a PlayStation or a Wii. And that’s fine with me.

When they get a little older, I’ll reconsider. After all, I had a passionate affair with Atari in my own youth. For now, though, I’d rather they play outside or with their toys. And it’s rewarding (as well as amusing) to witness what their imaginations bring forth.

Exhibit A.

Tootie with one of her friends

In this photo, the girls are in the back of Hubs’ pickup. And why yes, they have snakes coiled around their necks. The game? Wild coyotes were chasing them and Daddy’s truck was their only refuge. The snakes, I was informed, rattle at the approach of any canine critters. As for the umbrellas? Those were used to create a makeshift clubhouse. Not sure how the dresses factored in.

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