Freebie Friday: Adorable Bento lunchbox

Leigh Austin of She’s Crafty and I are huge fans of bento lunchboxes. My kids have two-tiered lunchboxes, but now I’m thinking about ordering one or two of these as well.

Today, I’m offered a brand-spanking-new bento from BalanceDayBags. As you can see, it’s really, really cute!

Look at those cats!

Here’s the product description:

• Fabric: 70 D PVC Nylon • 2 elastic straps in each side to hold drinks, ice packs, and cutlery in place • Enough room in each section to fit a full size sandwich container (upright), drink, and a couple of snacks! • Fits any lunch size thermos: You can keep your hot food on one side and cold on the other! • Uniquely and carefully designed to fit into all backpacks, but still hold more litterless containers than any other lunch bag! • Easy to clean high quality vinyl shell, insulated easy to clean liner

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below telling me your child’s favorite packed lunch. (I’m always looking for new ideas!)

And guess what — Leigh is offering a free bento today as well. So make sure you head over to her blog and enter there as well!

Deadline is Tuesday. We’ll announce the two winners on Wednesday!

15 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: Adorable Bento lunchbox

  1. My daughter’s favorite packed lunch is a turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, chips, carrots with ranch, and yogurt or fruit snacks. Not very original, but whatever works. She also likes lunchables (which we only allow every once in a while).


  2. Well… my kiddos would rather me check them out during lunch and take them to Wendys! BUT 98% of the time I make their lunches. My daughter won’t eat bread so I would make meat rolls and put the umbrella toothpicks through them to hold. My son likes peanut butter and honey and then I use a cookie cutter to make a shape for him.


  3. My 5 year old likes anything small, blueberries, cut up hot dogs, cheesecubes, add some toothpicks and it’s like an hors d-oerves party!


  4. My son loves ham and cheese sandwiches with nacho doritoes and 2 of his granny’s homemade pickels – never varied for an entire school year!!


  5. You two have hooked me on bento lunches! My girls are loving them! My two love anything with turkey/cheese, add a leftover roll, etc. and mine are forever happy! I would love it!


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