Freebie Friday: Disney Animated Calendar

Look what I have … *waves box tantalizingly in front you*

Pretty cool, no?

Here’s a description:

Slide the amazing animation picture frame across the calendar page and be thrilled as mIckey Mouse and his friends magically march and frolic their way through the year.

Want it?

Tell me your favorite Disney character in the comments below. Winner announced Wednesday!

16 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: Disney Animated Calendar

  1. My absolute favorite Disney character is Tigger!!! I used to hop, skip and bounce around all the time as a child and my parents always called me Tigger. As I became an adult it was shortened to TG, which then also became tallgirl 🙂
    When I was 19 I got a tattoo of tigger!!!


  2. Oh, it is so hard to pick my favorite one! If you are going to make me pick just one, I will pick Ariel. Umm, maybe SImba. Well, maybe it is Mickey himself. See, I can’t pick just one!


  3. I have always loved Winnie the Pooh. Ever since I was a little girl he was my obsession. Thanks for the great giveaway and Happy New Year!

    mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com


  4. I love the calendar! And I love, love, love Walt Disney characters and Disney World!! Since my ex husband wouldn’t allow me to decorate our room or bathroom in Mickey Mouse, I decorated our son’s room in Mickey Mouse! lol I changed it out every year or so with different Mickey Mouse designs!
    I would love to have the Disney desk calendar! Hope I win!!!!!


  5. My favorite Disney character is Belle. I loved her dress when I was small and always dreamed of my wedding dress being just like hers!


  6. I have so many! I love, love, love Mickey Mouse! He is happy & cheerful! One of the most wonderful childhood icons! Then, there is Lady (Lady & the Tramp) She saw the diamond in the ruff!


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