Christmas, Frye-style!

Christmas Eve dinner with my stepkids has come to involve a staple: manicotti. I’m not sure how it happened, really, but this dish has become a tradition. This year, I had a little help in the kitchen from a most eager participant. I questioned her motives, however.

OK, like seriously — you can trust me with the cheese, Mom.

This “helper” can’t be trusted either.

Beware, humans. I will seek revenge for this indignity. Puppies do NOT wear antlers.

Setting out cookies for Santa, carrots for reindeer.

They’re not REALLY eating carrots. Ranch dressing must be present for that to happen.

From left, clockwise: My stepdaughter Claire; Hubs; my stepson Tycer; Tootie and the E-man.

Normally, Tootie is our late riser. Christmas morning, however, found her in the living room, cuddling a blue merle Aussie Santa left in her stocking.

And my early bird wasn’t so early Christmas morn. He had to be pried from his cozy bed.


Tootie’s Aussie took a special interest in the E-man’s electric train.

So did Daddy.

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