O Christmas Tree … we’ve come to saw you down.

So — busy, busy weekend!

This year, I decided we would forgo the boring visit to a large box home improvement store and instead buy our Christmas tree at a tree farm.

Sunday morning was appropriately chilly for such an event, so off we trekked to Motley’s Tree Farm in Pulaski County. After much roaming and debating, everyone finally agreed on a tree, which Hubs fell with a bow saw. While we waited on a couple of nice guys to bale it, we sipped free hot cocoa and visited the petting zoo. Right before we left, I let the children each pick out a new ornament at the Christmas store.

We had a lot of fun, and this is by far the nicest tree we’ve had in years.

The search begins. Tootie wanted a "fat" (read full) tree, while the E-man was shooting for TALL.


As usual, the E-man refuses to acknowledge the camera.


Photo op.


Still looking ...


They found The One. Note the saw in Tootie's hand.


Hubs performs the manly chore of sawing down our tree.

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