My baby’s wee broken heart

They met as toddlers at daycare, my little E-man and his buddy Cash. (name has been changed)

For at least two years, these little boys shared a Thomas obsession. They were inseparable, whether playing trains or leaping off the playground swings.

On the first day of kindergarten, the E-man was delighted to learn that Cash was in his class. And they were assigned to the same table. Cash, on the verge of tears when he entered the room, promptly forgot his terror when he saw his best friend sitting there.

Two months passed.

And then — “Cash broke up with me,” the E-man declared one evening.”He said he’s not my friend anymore.”

“Oh, I’m sure he doesn’t mean it,” I replied.

But he did.

And the E-man has been inconsolable.

It’s tough, watching my little guy suffer through the loss of his first friendship.

It doesn’t help that the two boys attend the same aftercare program.

Cash plays video games with the bigger boys. And the E-man mopes.

I expected this with Tootie. Little girls’ allegiances are made up of shifting sands.

But boys? I thought their friendships were sturdier.

I thought wrong.

4 thoughts on “My baby’s wee broken heart

  1. Ouch. I want to hug him. I still remember my first best friend’s betrayal. He left me because I had cooties, or so the older 7-year-old boys told him while we played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one day. Three years of friendship down the drain all because someone told him I was a girl.


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