Brunch with mommy just isn’t as exciting as gawking at dead deer.

They’ve gotten to her.

My sweet little Tootie, I mean.

Who, you may ask, is brainwashing my sweet girl?

My husband’s family of hunters.

She had a choice, my daughter — attending the Girl Scouts’ Muffins with my Moms brunch or driving down to the family deep camp for opening day.

Guess which she chose? Guess what she’s been eagerly anticipating since, oh, September?

Opening day for my husband’s south Arkansas relatives entails a parade, a fish fry, the Buck Fever Talent Show and the Buck Fever Beauty Pageant. In-between events, everyone roams up and down Main Street, admiring the fresh kills strapped onto the backs of 4-wheelers or sprawled in the beds of pickup trucks.

My Tootie has no interest in dressing up in a frilly dress and brunching with her mommy. No, she’d rather don camo and follow the hunters and their dead deer around.

It’s embarrassing, really, given that I’m a troop leader. I haven’t yet had the nerve to the tell the other moms I won’t be there because, well … my kid wants to go the Buck Fever Festival.

At least her camo is pink. Until, that is, she romps through the mud in her quest to check out an impressive set of antlers.


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