Our desert adventure

If you’re here via my Forces of Nurture column, welcome! To read said column, go here. (All photos by Hubs.)

Steeling myself for my trek to the dunes.

Even an arid desert yields beauty.

The dunes. Pretty, no?

Toasting my safe return, minus any centipede bite marks.

And now on to a few other places:

Sitting atop Emory Peak. I wrote a column about this climb a few weeks ago.

Hiking at Big Bend.

El Capitan. Hubs loves shooting sunrise and sunset photos with this mountain in the foreground.

Yes, you can find waterfalls in the desert. Taken at Big Bend.

High fashion is possible at Big Bend, as evidenced by my sophisticated attire. This is actually a wry piece of art near Marfa, Texas.

Trying to sleep in, to no avail.

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