Mama’s first Halloween! On Zoloft! Whee!

So last November, I did a bit of tweaking with the good ole anti-depressants and lo — a new world opened to me. Or rather, I finally re-emerged as the real Cathy, who, as many of you will recall, always did love a bit of fun.

(Please, anyone who knew me in college or my 20s, let’s spare everyone else the sordid details, shall we?)

This Halloween, I created a Haunted Hallway in our house, complete with spider webs, dangling bats, a silver skull, tombstones and flashing lights. (We have a long, long hallway that lends itself to this sort of creativity!)

And aside from the usual trick-or-treating round the neighborhood, we finally made it to Boo at the Zoo.

Most shocking, I actually MADE a costume for my daughter this year. All we bought was a mask.


Puppy & the skeleton.

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