Say cheese!

My girlfriends and I love cheese. Wine-and-cheese parties are among our favorite types of get-togethers. We each bring a bottle of wine, our favorite cheese and crackers. Then we make it look all pretty on a table, usually outside, and spend the evening feasting. (And thank you, Laura K., for the night you introduced us to the heaven that is smoked gouda & avocado on a cracker.)

I tell you this because, somehow, I gave birth to a child who doesn’t like cheese.

The E-man remains disdainful of mac & cheese, cheese on his pizza, cheese on quesadillas, cheese in his chicken wraps, even plain old American.

This often makes dinner a frustrating experience, especially when you couple the E-man’s dislike of cheese with Hubs hatred for onions. (which I also happen to love)

Now Tootie, she’s her mama’s girl. She’ll eat shredded cheese right out of the package, adores Laughing Cow, dumps parmesean all over pasta and always requests a cheese pizza.

My beloved, late Mollydog also was a cheese fanatic. My best friend Amy once came over with a hunk of Port Salut and wine. We devoured half the cheese, then headed to the kitchen to refill our glasses. When we returned, the cheese platter was empty and Molly looked quite guilty. (and content)

As for Daisy, our puppy, cheese is her favorite reward, the one temptation she can’t resist. All I have to do is open the fridge, and Miss Daisy morphs into the most demure, obedient pup ever, hoping I will feel compelled to reward such model behavior.

Speaking of Daisy, we got our furry little monster spayed this week, so she’s not quite as lively as usual. I missed the little stinker the day and night she was gone, especially after the kids went to bed. That’s when Daisy calms down enough to lay on my lap while gnawing on a pig’s ear. Although lately, she keeps hanging out on Hubs’ couch.


And yes, this post is all over the place. It’s been a busy week and my thoughts are somewhat jumbled.

Have a happy Friday! And if anyone has a suggestion as to how I can make cheese more enticing to my little man, I would be eternally grateful. I mean, what kid doesn’t like a grilled cheese sandwich? Sigh.

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