Daddy’s little helper

So Hubs does quite a bit of woodworking on the side. He builds furniture, and his ex-wife sells it at her shop in Hillcrest. Most recently, he’s been working on bookshelves that are made out of old doors. Sounds weird, I know, but they look really cool.

His most ardent supporter in this endeavor is … the puppy.

When Hubs is working outside, she remains at his work bench, often jumping up to examine the tools Hubs sets on the railing of our backyard deck.

Her favorite sport these days is to run off with his tools. Thus far, she’s made off with: a mallet, a screwdriver, a roll of tape, countless blocks of wood, a couple of chisels and, on one memorable occasion, Hubs’ eyeglasses.

That day, while doing some closeup work, Hubs set his glasses on the railing. Minutes later, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Daisy leap up and grab something.

Hubs spun around and looked at the dog. She stared back. Triumphantly. And then a frantic chase ensued. Hubs did recover his glasses, but not before Miss Daisy had left a few scratches on them.

Thus far, Hubs has sold each piece of furniture he’s crafted. I credit not only his skill, but also his faithful companion.

Isn't that just precious?

Pass the sander, dude. I am totally a master of that tool.

You sure you want to do that? I might reconsider. Just sayin'.

My fees are quite reasonable. Really.

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