A big deal at the House of Frye (make that Fried)

This summer’s unrelenting heat wave broke yesterday, and we celebrated temps in the mid-90s. Sad, I know, but I’ll take any reprieve I can get.

So, for the first time in … I don’t really remember, actually … Hubs and I sat on the front porch last night, drinking wine and listening to the comforting creak of the swing.

Even when we first began dating, we spent hours on the deck at our old house. In San Antonio, we all but lived in our backyard. And, until this summer, we did the same at our current home. Coffee on the porch, cocktails on the deck. Oh, and we like to grill. A lot.

This little break may not last. But last night, at least, I was able to spend a quiet half-hour with Hubs. It felt like old times. Let’s hope that autumn brings even more enticing temperatures (ha) and soon.

Yeah, we always put the kids to work in their PJs.

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