Once upon a time, in cities far, far away, two women decided to accidentally created  a tradition at the annual BlogHer conference for women who — you guessed it — blog.

These two women threw a party. It involved lots of McDonald’s cheeseburgers, booze and much silliness. They dubbed it the “CheeseburgHer Party.” Each year, attendance grew. Women donned paper hats and danced. Security guards showed up in hotel rooms. Many of these guards weren’t allowed to leave until donning a sack-hat and posing with lots of women.

The Cheeseburgher craze is now a Blogher tradition. And this year, some very kind souls decided to sponsor multiple parties across the nation for those of us who couldn’t attend the Blogher conference.

Little Rock was lucky enough to be one of those cities. So, on Saturday night, a few dozen Arkansas women bloggers gathered on the 18th floor of the 300 Tower on Third Street for their very own, very first Cheeseburgher party.

Hilary of Rock the Shops and I decided we couldn’t pass up such a gathering. So we talked dresses and shoes and wondered whether anyone would talk to us.

“I’m nervous,” Hilary confided.

“Me too,” I said. “How about a cocktail before we head up?”

Hilary and I stopped in at Copper for a pre-party cocktail before heading to the 18th floor.

We had so much fun with this lively group of writers who live very much out loud. Tomorrow, I’ll be listing the many women I met. For now, you’ll just have to trust me when I say they were an incredible and dead-sexy lot. We were so happy to be included!

And the first bag is donned...

Back in my 20s, my girlfriends and I used to grab one of these before heading out to the clubs.

Cheeseburger, hat, wine AND a view.

Isn't Hilary adorable? This child has more style packed into her pinky than I will ever possess. Note the feather she used to decorate her bag.

This is Kyran Pittman, who was kind enough to whip this event together in record time. Here, we're introducing ourselves and our blogs. I panicked and made an idiot out of myself, but more on that later.

Soon after this photo, the party moved out onto the roof. Great music, an actual breeze and fab company. I stayed out past midnight!

I’ll offer more details tomorrow, as well as some links. For now I’ll close with a big thank-you to Kyran of Notes to Self for putting this shindig together.

4 thoughts on “Say CHEEZBURGHERZ!

  1. thanks for representing LRM!! it looked like a blast….about the time of the party, my mind was exploding as we were watching inception on our date night. great movie, buy my dreams were very odd that night.


  2. Lovin’ this!

    I’m one of the CheeseburgHer Gals who throws the party at BlogHer each year and want to thank you for embracin’ the tradition with such aplomb.

    Love Kyran and love Little Rock!


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