Well now, this is embarrassing

Two days this week, my daughter left the house weeping. Not because she has separation anxiety. Not because she had hurt herself, lost a toy or was in the midst of blaming her little brother for some perceived insult.

No, my kid was crying because — get this — she hates Vacation Bible School.

“It’s boring,” she declared Monday.

“It’s summer,” she noted Tuesday.” VBS is too much like school. AND we don’t get to go swimming like usual.”

On Wednesday, she pleaded to go to work with me. “I don’t want to go to VBS,” she sobbed.

“Because it’s like school?” I inquired.

“No, because is it’s more work than school. And we’re missing out on swimming. AND school starts soon. It’s not fair!”

Thursday, when she balked again, Hubs announced he would pick her and the E-man up a little early and take them to the pool.”

I’m baffled. She loves arts and crafts. She enjoyed VBS last year. The only thing I can figure is that she’s overwhelmed by all the kids, most of whom she doesn’t know.

Whatever the reason, it’s been a bit of a struggle this week.

After one teary drop-off, Hubs shook his head and sighed. “I had to tell her teacher why she was crying,” he explained. “She assured me that other kids feel the same way, but it was still embarrassing.”

3 thoughts on “Well now, this is embarrassing

  1. My eldest did the same thing this year. Thankfully, it wasn’t about our own VBS but our neighbor’s church. It’s a big, fancy mega-church and I thought he’d love it. He hated it; he said it was too big!


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