Is kindergarten ready for the E-man?

I’m not so sure.

I know I’m not ready to accept that my baby, my little lovebug, will soon walk the hallowed halls of grade school. How can this be?

Thus far, the E-man doesn’t appear terribly perturbed by the looming change in his young life. On orientation day, as I sat in the school office filling out forms, the E-man roamed the crowded entryway, shrieking happily each time he spotted one of his friends from pre-K. I smiled proudly and continued with the paperwork.

And then …

… the E-man slid into the school office, across the entire length of floor, on his knees, a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. All the kid needed was some air guitar skills to complete the picture. Thankfully, the secretary had left her desk for a moment.

“E-man!” I hissed. “Stop that!”

He grinned and shot back into the entryway.

Two minutes later he slid into the office again, this time in full view of the secretary. I offered a meek, conciliatory smile.

And then I pretended I didn’t know the little boy on the floor, tugging on my pant leg and cackling, “Mama, did you see that? Did you see how far I slid?”



On another note —

I’m thrilled to announce that I, along with my friend Amy, will be a Girl Scout troop leader this fall! Amy is currently preggers with her first, and I’m hoping for a girl, simply because we can order her one of those adorable Future Girl Scout onesies.

If you have any tips or suggestions, please let me know! Moody Mom has graciously agreed to be our volunteer parent! We can’t wait to get started!


Oh, and here’s a picture that illustrates my E-man-in-kindergarten skepticism:

Too cool for school? I hope not!

One thought on “Is kindergarten ready for the E-man?

  1. Horray for the Girl Scouts! I can’t wait for cookie time.

    And congrats to the E-man for reaching such big boy status! They grow up too fast …


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