Arkansas flooding

I still can’t wrap my head around this — sleeping in your tent or RV, being awakened suddenly by a surge of water that carries you off, carries your parents and children off. Our state grieves for the lost.

Hubs, a photojournalist, said that at one point, he had to put his camera down because the scenes unfolding in front of him were so painful, so intimate.

This family just found out that their missing loved ones were among the dead.

More devastating news.

My heart hurts for them.

One of the area's cabins.

The floodwaters picked up RVs and tossed them around like they were toys.

Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.

4 thoughts on “Arkansas flooding

  1. What a terrible tragedy! My prayers since I first learned of this disaster have been for all the families of those who were lost, and for those who suffered through this nightmare. May God give them all comfort.


  2. My heart literally aches for these families. I just heard this morning that the youngest found dead was 2yrs. old. This storm had just hit 30miles south of my home in New Braunfels texas 3 days earlier and caused mass flooding in just a few hours. We didn’t know it was coming either. My prayers and I’m positive the nation is watching the continuing updates in this horrible tragedy. God be with you all.


  3. I am just devasted since I found out Friday morning. My heart is aching for the families. My family and I have been camping at Albert Pike for the last 4 years – at least 3-4 times a year. It will never be the same. Every time we camp there it would rain – sometimes through the night. You would never have expected it to flood like this. Albert Pike was probably the most beautiful area to camp in all of Arkansas. So many of those campers are return campers. Like us they came back every year. Losing Albert Pike Recreation Area is like having a death in your own family. It will never be the same. My thoughts and prayers are with the families. May Gob be with you through your time in need. He will pull you through this.


  4. WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. This disaster is painful even for folks like us who are far removed. In August 2007 we were camping with friends at Whitewater State Park in southeastern Minnesota. It started raining almost immediately after we arrived and over the coming 24 hour period at least 10 inches of rain fell. Our friends, staying in a pup tent, cleared out early. We stuck around in a tent trailer and stayed reasonably dry hoping the rain would let up. It didn’t and at about 11 p.m. on Saturday night there came a rap rap on our door. A state park ranger informing us the Whitewater River was going to rise rapidly and we had to get out of there. A small caravan of us drove to higher ground even as river water started to fill our campsite. We were fortunate to be warned. But it was still dangerous to be driving in all that rain. Some roads were flooded. It is not hard for us to imagine what could have been were it not for that urgent knock. I wish for two things: 1) alarms/sirens, something for campgrounds located on flood plains; 2) a designated safe place campers can go and wait for daylight. In more than one place the road was violently washed out after we had passed there. And we drove through standing water in pitch darkness. Not good. We pray for the families of the Arkansas campground and that their horrific experience leads to some intelligent safeguards for people enjoying a weekend by their favorite river.


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