The old girl ain’t what she used to be.

First, I must share the E-man’s assessment of Justin Bieber, which is on par with my own feelings toward the annoying little songbird-twerp.

“Mommy, is that Justin Bieber on the radio?”

“Yes, sweetie, it is.”

“He sounds like a struggling girl.”

Lest you think we’re cruel when it comes to young Justin, I dare you to listen to that freaking Baby song on your way to work. You’ll arrive with that horrid “Baby, baby, ohhhh … baby, baby, noooo ….” refrain lodged in your brain for the remainder of the day.

And now, having typed this, it’s stuck in my head. Argh.


And now onto our regularly scheduled blog post:


I love amusement parks. Growing up, I lived for trips to Six Flags, AstroWorld, Disney, etc…

As young adults, my sisters and I would plan excursions to various amusement parks, where we rode the roller coasters over and over again.

Speed. I need speed.

Which is why I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day my kids would be old enough to hit the bigger amusement parks and ride the good rides.

Well, they’re almost ready. Problem is, I’m not. Or rather, my 40-year-old body isn’t.

Last weekend, we headed to Funland, which is just a little kiddie park with non-scary rides. Certainly nothing on par with the parks that are home to my most beloved coasters.


I rode the Scrambler three times in a row with the E-man.We had a blast.

Unfortunately, my neck isn’t as flexible as it used to be and I woke up Sunday morning with my head cocked at an unnatural angle.

Hubs and I still plan on heading to Six Flags in the near future. But I’m betting we hobble out of there.

If, that is, we can still walk.

The Scrambler at Funland

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