Dance, with no snark

Last year, we switched dance studios. I didn’t like the heavy emphasis on competition and recital. And I didn’t like the lack of diversity. I’m not just talking about race, but also body shape. All the girls looked the same.

I didn’t fit in either. New costumes didn’t make me jump up and down and shriek like the other mothers. I was too busy tabulating the cost involved.

My other issue with the old place was that the girls who didn’t compete spent every single class the whole year practicing their recital song. My kid was utterly bored.

I’ve been so happy with our new studio. Ms. Marissa makes sure her classes focus on two things: learning how to dance and having fun. My daughter has thrived there.

On Sunday, the girls performed in their end-of-year recital. And I can’t tell you how happy I was to see such a diverse group up there — tiny girls, big girls, black girls, brown girls, white girls, outgoing girls, shy girls. And boys! (One of these little guys stole the show with his Michael Jackson moonwalk.)

I enrolled my daughter in dance for two reasons — to have fun while learning to dance to different types of music and to build her self-confidence. Because every little girl, no matter what size or color she is, should have the opportunity to wear a twirly dress.

Here are a few photos. More to come later.

No blue eyeshadow this year!

This was either Hannah Montana's Hoedown or the theme song to Sonny with a Chance.

And here's a shot of Hubs and Tootie during the daddy/daughter dance. The song? "My Girl."

4 thoughts on “Dance, with no snark

  1. Well worth the drive from Texas to see Tootie dance! And I loved the father/daughter dance – what a touching moment.


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