Men and their girly (not girlie) mags

When Hubs and I got married, he had a subscription to Men’s Health. The first time a magazine arrived in the mail, I collapsed into hysterical laughter.

Look your best now!

Stronger, longer and harder!

The Sex Position Playbook!

2,647 Sexy Women Confess How to Tease Them, Please Them, Make Them Beg For More!

Lose Your Gut!

“What’s so funny?” Hubs asked indignantly.

“This is just a male version of Cosmo,” I spluttered. “All you’d have to do is swap out gender references and pronouns and you’ve got a woman’s magazine!”

Hubs sheepishly agreed.

His subscription ran out years ago.

The other day, he received a Men’s Health sample, an enticement to draw him back in.

Are You One Food Away from Massive New Muscle? the first headline screamed.

Are You One Trick Away From Bowling Over Every Hot Woman You Meet?

Are You One Grooming Change Away From Boosting New Hair Growth?

Are You One Supplement Away from Greater Potency and Sex Drive?

Hubs pounced.

“Did you renew my subscription?” he asked excitedly.

“Uh, no,” I said, flipping through the pages of the mailer. “But I’ll know you’re reading this crap again if you try the method suggested on page 8. And for the record — there’s no way I  would consider that a hot move. Try it, and I’ll plead a headache.”

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