Easter 2010

Hubs had to work on Easter, but managed to swing by several  times to take photos, hide eggs and take yet more photos. He also met us for lunch at the Dixie Cafe for a carby-yummy feast.

Getting pictures before church was a little difficult. Hubs always says that he can photograph anybody’s kids EXCEPT for his own. Let’s just say the E-man isn’t the most cooperative of subjects. For a perfect example, go here.

Anyway —

One looks bored. The other is grimacing.

Mommy has cooties.

"I know! Let's put Mommy in a headlock!"

Attack of the E-man

Methodical. Like Daddy.

Impulsive. Like Mommy.

Methodical equals success.

So does impulsive.

And now … back to the children’s Easter baskets. Yum.

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