Standardized tests … ugh.

Yeah, it’s that time of year again, when we plunk down stacks of tests in front of the children and expect those to be a true reflection of both a school and a child’s ability.

Clearly, I’m not a fan.

First, some kids simply aren’t good test-takers, especially with the amount of pressure placed on them to do well on these tests. And second, I’ve never believed that a single week of tests is any indication of a school’s quality.

I think these tests also are unfair to teachers. They have to shift gears and focus in the middle of a semester for a week of testing. And that’s a week lost when it comes to what the kids are supposed to be studying and learning.

My daughter is a good student. She’s done well this year in all of her subjects. I’m not going to risk breaking her confidence by stressing over a stupid test. We’ve done the practice tests at home, yes, but I treat them like regular homework. Hovering over her and lecturing about how important this is won’t improve her performance. Rather, I think it would make her anxious. And anxious kids don’t test well.

For her teacher’s sake — and the school’s — I hope she does well. I hope all of the kids do.

But as far as I’m concerned, that test won’t prove anything.

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