Not mine — shudder.

My stepdaughter’s was Saturday night, so we headed up to Cabot to see the kids off. And to take pictures, of course.

Tootie loved seeing all the pretty dresses. (There were at least a dozen couples gathered at someone’s house!) She also loved the mama lab that was romping around the yard.

After photos, we caravaned to a parking lot where a party bus awaited. This, my friends, is a brilliant idea. Each person contributed, and because there were so many kids, the cost was only about $50 a kid. At most. It may have been even lower. And I was happy to note that the limo driver appeared to be very no-nonsense, especially when she listed all the rules.

Anyway, here are a few photos:


The E-man isn't big on kissing.

Sisters. (I love this one.)

Inside the party bus.

3 thoughts on “Prom!

  1. Your stepdaughter looks gorgeous. I remember watching her climb on top of the ball dugouts when Rick used to play with the Dem Bums. It is hard to believe she’s all grown up.


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