Arkie Mama: From sexpot to gone to pot

Behold the youthful Cathy, with her big, Texas hair and dramatic makeup —

College days, during my dating-musicians phase

Waiting for our dates

Those were the days when I could wear corduroy without the fear that someone could hear my thighs making that swish-swish sound as I walked. The days when it was fun to spend an hour (or two) on hair and makeup. Since becoming a mother — well, my standards have sunk.

It started with pregnancy.

When you look as though you're carrying a litter in front AND in back, you know things are bad.

No, I'm not leaving a bar. I'm in the vomitous stage of labor, on the way to the hospital to have baby No. 2.

This cut & style was dangerously close to Mom Hair.

Why hello, Hubs! Wanna try for a third? I know you want me.

This month, my kids turned 5 and 7. I’m just now losing the baby weight. My hair is finally getting back to normal. I’m ditching the mom jeans. Mostly.

So hello, 40! I embrace you.

Girls' Night Out Birthday Bash. More photos tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: From sexpot to gone to pot

  1. OK, so I started reading your blog, and laughing, thinking, “damn, I remember when…” You are making 40 look not so bad, and believe me, I am ABSOLUTELY dreading it! Kids bring so much to our lives, and yet they seem to suck all the life out of us… This is the year I decided that come hell or highwater, there will be time for ME, and because of that, I will be a better person for everyone. It’s still early yet, but I have hope. Keep me posted on how it’s treating you – and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!


  2. Happy birthday, Arkie Mama! While you looked lovely with dramatic makeup and big, Texas hair, I think you are more gorgeous now than ever. And you have wisdom that only Mamas have now, too! I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday and I hope that 40 will be your best year yet! Thanks for including me in your celebration!


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