Arkie Mama: I had a blast at the Book Blast!

I’m one of those annoying people who loves to read aloud.

“Listen to this,” I’ll say to Hubs before reading something from the newspaper, internet, my latest southern-family-drama novel, etc…

“Mmmm,” he’ll say when I’m finished.

Translation: “Why must you torture me this way?”

You can imagine, then, my delight in birthing two little people who had no choice but to listen as I rocked them at bedtime. When they were mere babes, I read and re-read all my favorites, adopting various voices for the characters.


I was invited this year to inflict similar torture read aloud to children at McCain Mall’s Book Blast!, which is part of Simon Malls’ Kidgets program. Even better, I was told I could bring one of my own to read.

Yay! I get to pick!

These days, you see, my children insist on picking out their bedtime selections. Occasionally, however, I insist on my faves. One such beloved book requires me to sing a lengthy passaged to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance. Which is why the children groan when I beg to read it. I threatened to bring that one — When the Sky is Like Lace — to the Book Blast, but my daughter, who is now old enough to be embarrassed by her mother, pleaded that I leave it at home.

Anyway, the Book Blast was so much fun! Except, probably, for the poor girls who had to hold a microphone for me while I read and bantered with my enthralled captive audience.

Moody Mom was kind enough to take pictures of the event. I’ve included them below:’

Why yes, I am indeed sitting in Santa's mall chair! Oh, the power...

Oh my. Not sure why I look deranged. I thought I was merely being expressive.

Young audiences are so fickle. One minute, they're listening in rapt attention...

Hello! Children! Over here!

So tell me, little ones, what do you want for Christmas this year?

Lisa Meyer, left, is the marketing director at McCain, and the woman to her right was one of the many nice ladies running the event.

Thanks for inviting me, guys!

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