Arkie Mama: Let’s just say I’m not da Vinci

So last night we had a few people over and somehow the discussion turned to those calendars we women had scribbled on during our late teens and early 20s.

You know — the ones with cryptic phrases and code words and pictures that would remind us of what we did that day without actually spelling it out.

We were soon howling over a story in which one young woman’s boyfriend’s father found her calendar and very handily decoded the more, er … “important “dates. Talk about eternal humiliation!

Some of us (me) were so worried about such a revelation that we used code words and images that are now … well, rather bizarre and baffling.

I pulled out one of my college calendars and we spent a good 15 minutes laughing and puzzling over some of the drawings. On several dates, I had drawn an umbrella with raindrops. On others, I had drawn simpy raindrops. There were also varying sizes of exclamation points and asterisks.

At the time, I’m sure I thought I would never forget all of these “momentous” occasions. Now, however, I wonder what on earth I was doing on the night of Dec. 1 that warranted a picture of an umbrella! And raindrops.

So — are my two girlfriends and I the only ones who kept such calendars?

I’m thinking probably not.

But do you remember what your code words and drawings meant all these years later?

2 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: Let’s just say I’m not da Vinci

  1. You and your friends were not the only ones who had such calendars. Even way back in MY time, and that was really a lot of years ago, I kept a calendar. But today I have no clue even what the code words were, much less what they stood for. Nor do I still have said calendars. Probably more information than you wanted from your mom, right?


  2. In the sixth grade I planned out what I would wear each day weeks in advance, because of course that’s the most important thing in the world when you’re 11 or 12. The most pathetic part is that I would match my underwear color to my clothes. The exterior parts of my outfit were written out normally in my day planner, but the underwear colors were written in code.


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