Arkie Mama: First haircut Wordless Wednesday

Today, our Little Rock Mamas bloggers are posting first-haircut photos. Some will reflect docile, accepting children. Others … well, not so much.

Tootie, my oldest, was among the docile. But the E-man …

The little guy didn’t get his first haircut until age 2. In fact, he was bald for so long that when he did start growing hair, I couldn’t imagine ever cutting it, especially when it started curling into ringlets.


My baby has hair!

My baby has hair!

At one point, however, I had to concede that my child had developed a mullet.



See? A little humidity and the curls went pppht.

So, reluctantly, I took the little man in for his first haircut. By the end, Hubs had to put down his camera and hold onto a thrashing E-man.


The prep

The prep

"I have serious doubts about this, Mommy."

"I have serious doubts about this, Mommy."

The struggle begins.

The struggle begins.

"I will remember this and hold it against  you."

"I will remember this and hold it against you."

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5 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: First haircut Wordless Wednesday

  1. Hey unrelated to this blog post but … just wanted to tell you that we are also a family of national park lovers. The best vacation I have ever taken was a trip Bill and I took when I graduated from law school to Jasper, Banff, and Glacier parks! I, however, don’t camp. The lodges were rustic but there was running water 🙂


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