Arkie Mama: I don’t do winter

I’d like to be one of those moms who gets all into bundling up right along with her little darlins’ and building snowmen.

But I’m not.

See below.

Winter Cathy

Winter Cathy

So while I’d like to see a bit of the white stuff for the kids’ sake, I’m more than happy to let Hubs handle all cold-weather activities. I prefer to sit on the couch with a cup of coffee and watch the fun through the window.

I’m a summer mom. Give me sunshine and blessed heat and I’m super fun.

I’ll hang out with the kids all day at the pool. Or a beach. Or any theme park.

See below.

I heart heat.

I heart heat.

So this whole business of single-digit temps?


4 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: I don’t do winter

  1. I’m not into winter either, at least not when our highs are low 30’s and are going into the teens for two or three nights. Not supposed to be that way in Texas!


  2. You shouldn’t complain about the single digit temps or snow this year here in Arkansas and other southern states. Be thankful that you are not living in one of the northern states where the weather has been extremely harsh (putting it mildly).

    Lincoln, Nebraska, for example, has over 42 feet of snow on the ground as of January 6th, wind chills around 27 degrees BELOW 0, and a few days ago had strong winds over 35 mph with white-out conditions. (We have family living in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and Wisconsin.)

    We moved to Arkansas a few months from one of the northern states where my husband and I were born and raised. The weather we’re having this winter in Arkansas is Heaven compared to what we’re used to when we lived up north. A dusting of snow that melts a few hours later is what we call a winter. Yes, I admit this weather is colder than what y’all are used to down here in the south but we have discovered that the single digit temps down here in the south don’t feel nearly as cold as the single digit temps up in the northern states.

    Just think of all the cities in the deep south that have gotten snow this winter such as Dallas, Corpus Christie,Baton Rouge, Biloxi, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami, for example. We heard on TV that this was the first snow in about 37 years in Dallas, Texas.

    Folks that have lived all their lives in Arkansas and the southern states are just plain spoiled because of the warm winters ya’ll had in the past. Y’all need to spend an entire winter up in one of the northern states, I’ll guarantee that after spending an entire winter in one of the northern states, yall will come home to the south and never complain about the single digit temps down here again.


  3. Oh, I wouldn’t last, believe me.

    I’m a wuss when it comes to the cold.

    I was born and raised in central Texas, so this sort of weather is a total shock to my system! I’m not sure that I’ve experienced single digits before. Seriously!


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