Arkie Mama: The E-man freaks out over Up

So a few minutes before we departed my parents’ Texas home yesterday, the little people finished yet another viewing of my mom’s copy of Up.

“It’s almost time to leave!” I announced.

The E-man promptly fell into hysterics.

“We’ll come visit again,” I said, hugging him.

“I don’t WANT to get old!” the E-man replied. “I don’t WANT to die!”


“Um. What are you talking about, E-man.”

“When you get old and die, you can’t move your arms and legs,” he wailed.

I looked questioningly at Tootie, who shrugged.

“He asked me to explain,” she said, gesturing toward the DVD cover.

Oh, great, I thought, all too aware of Tootie’s love for scaring the crap out of her little brother.

Thus began a discussion about aging, dying and the afterlife.

The E-man was somewhat mollified. But then his eyes narrowed.

“How old is Nana?” he asked.

“Er … ”

“How old is Granddaddy? How old is Papaw?”

“Uh …”

“How old are you?”

“Oh, I’m only 39!”

And the E-man exploded into tears yet again.

Thanks, kid.

2 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: The E-man freaks out over Up

  1. And did he share with the “boys” at school today these new insights, as he said he was going to do? I also remember when big sister was full of questions, asking me when I was going to die because my hands had wrinkles, and I’d explained that this happened to people as they got older.


  2. I thought Up was heart-breaking, and I cried a couple times watching it myself. So sad! I was totally surprised at the very grown-up themes (death, infertility, putting aside your dreams) in a kids’ movie. I’m with you, E-man! That was a rough one.


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