Arkie Mama: Free holiday cards designed by young hospital patients

Please read — this is for such a good and worthy cause. Cross-posted over at Contests.

Each year, the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Auxiliary sells holiday cards created by young ACH patients. The money goes directly into ACH programs that serve both the children and their families across Arkansas and neighboring states.

Next week, Little Rock Mamas will be giving away four sets of these precious cards designed by precious, little hands.

Simply leave a comment below, and we’ll draw four names. Deadline is Thursday, Dec. 3.

Below are the sets of cards and information about their creators. If you would like to contribute to ACH by buying a set, go here.

Three Trees: C.J. Fowler, 9, of Little Rock first visited ACH when he was only 8 weeks old. He was having trouble digesting food and gaining weight. After undergoing several tests in his former hometown of Jonesboro, doctors referred C.J. to ACH. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, which meant the opening from his stomach to his small intestine was very narrow. C.J. underwent surgical repair, but faced other issues. Over the years, he has been treated at ACH for asthma and hemangiomas, but he now leads a completely healthy life. Now 9, C.J. is a friendly, outgoing child who loves to sing.

3 Trees

C.J.'S Three Trees

CJ Fowler

Meet C.J.

Jolly Snowman: Julia, 8, of Little Rock, was a toddler when she fell and hit her nose on the coffee table. Her parents rushed her to the ACH emergency room. Her parents say the staff used role play and humor to make the experience less frightening for Julia. The only reminder of the incident is a very tiny scar. Julia loves animals, soccer and school.

Julia Greenfield

Meet Julia


The Jolly Snowman

Candy Canes: Tia Napier, 15, is an ACH patient from Elkins, Arkansas.

Joy to the World: Charli Sotomora, 16, is a patient and former Star ACHiever

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