Arkie Mama: Overheard in the newsroom

So there’s this fabulous Facebook page that’s a fave of many a journalist. Overheard in the Newsroom offers hilarious comments and/or conversations overheard in, well, a newsroom.

Anyway, I thought I’d take you, dear readers, on a walk through our newsroom. (Some of you will likely recognize yourselves.

I originally posted this in 2007. But I’ve hauled it out, given it a good dusting and am making it available to you once again. (Just so you’ll know why I’ll never be fit to work in any other environment.)

So, here’s a sampling from a typical day:

“… and so for the next 24 hours, you have to pee in this bucket …”

“… caught trying to steal a sheep from the zoo … said he thought it was his mother…”

“OH NO!” [Thud, thud, thud] “I just wrote this email about how I was worried I might be pregnant and that I forgot to take my anti-depressant this morning and then accidentally sent it to one of my sources…”

” … he used Dippity-Do for WHAT?!”

“… So should I send another email apologizing for that first email about the anti-depressants?”

” … used a garbage can to steal that sheep from the petting zoo … no, the sheep wasn’t injured …”

” … guy said the strippers beat him too hard during a birthday spanking …”

[Religion editor walks by, pauses at a reporter’s computer screen and notices a man wearing a thong.]

“What website are you on?”

“Go Fug Yourself.”

[Editor looks hurt.]

“… Um … OK.”

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