Arkie Mama: Kudos to Crestwood, NLRISD and the health dept.

One of the school district’s mass flu clinics was held today at Crestwood Elementary. Four schools were involved: Crestwood, Lakewood Elementary, Lakewood Middle School and Indian Hills Elementary.

It was so well organized. Each school was assigned to its own line. When the clinic opened, a group of five families from each line was escorted inside. Each group then went to a specific table to sign their child in and pick up the Health Department forms that had been sent home with kids ahead of time. After signing in, we went to the cafeteria. There were three rows of tables: one for seasonal flu vaccine; one for H1N1 shots; and a third for H1N1 mist.

The clinic volunteers were patient and helpful, and our nurse was fabulous. We handed our forms in at a checkout table and left.

I was one of the first in our school’s line and, once the clinic opened, we were out of there in 15 minutes.

I don’t know how things went once I left, but Principal Lori Smith and her staff & volunteers still seemed to have things well in hand. Turns out they were vaccinating younger siblings too. If I’d known that, I would have brought the E-man to Crestwood and avoided the rain and long lines at the ballpark. (I remain grateful for the many people who staffed that event, however. I sure didn’t envy them having to deal with that enormous crowd, especially in a pouring, drenching rain.)

Thanks to all involved with the Crestwood clinic! It wasn’t nearly as painful as I had feared. And since they had FluMist, Tootie would probably agree with this assessment!

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