Arkie Mama: I have a mass flu clinic question/complaint

Namely — why did the babies and toddlers have to leave the comfort of their cars and wait in a long line — in the rain, no less — to get their vaccinations?

I was told that health workers thought it would be easier to vaccinate small children if the parents held them.

Uh, hello?

As the mother of a child who fights all shots, I can say with some authority that a car seat and seat belt would have offered more in the way of constraint than my weary arms. (Because I thought it was a drive-through clinic, my 4-year-old was in PJs and bare feet. I had to hold him in that blasted line for 45 minutes. By the time it was our turn, my arms were shaking from the effort.)

Meanwhile, the adults-only cars cruised through in comfort while we stood in the rain.

After the E-man was vaccinated, we had to go home and change clothes, because even with an umbrella, we had gotten drenched.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m very grateful for these mass clinics. I just think it would have been better to allow kids and parents to remain in their cars during the process.

2 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: I have a mass flu clinic question/complaint

  1. I thought that was weird too. I wish I would have known we were going to have to get out of the car before I waited in the parking lot for 20 minutes.

    This man was walking with his kids so I offered him my umbrella. Why would I need it when we were waiting in the comfort of our car?! Not 3 minutes later, I was told we were going to have to get out of the car too. Luckily, he had given up and gave me back our umbrella so we didn’t all have to wait in the rain without it.

    I think the rule may have changed just a bit later because it seemed like there were more kids in the car as we were watching people drive by us.

    Craziness aside, I thought it was pretty well organized as far as getting people through the line.


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