Arkie Mama: Race & party

First, a big, heartfelt thanks to Yavonda of Baby & the Beasts, Kim of Whirligiggles and Heidi of In the Family Way for helping me man the booth Saturday morning. I would have crumpled into a cowardly little heap without their presence. Because our booth was SWARMED!

Which was lovely. Many thanks to those who stopped by. And thanks also to the Race volunteers who brought us pens when ours ran dry! Our coffee, which ran out quickly, was provided by Sufficient Grounds. Thanks to owners Eric and Kim. That coffee sure helped ward off the chill. It also made us very popular.

Thanks also to Amy of Blessed Mom for inviting me to walk with her and her fabulous girlfriends. We had a lot of fun, especially when we passed the dancing firefighters!

To the staff at Cajun’s Wharf — thanks for taking such good care of us. I will, however, blame that extra pound I gained last night on you!

Lastly, big thanks to Kristina of Moody Mom for finding a few extra prizes for last night’s drawings and other upcoming contests. Winners will be announced on the homepage on either Monday or Tuesday.

We had a blast at our launch party. Several cameras were floating through the crowd, so we should have some pics up shortly.

Our mamas were pretty tired by day’s end. Not only did the party run late, but most of us had participated in the race that morning.

I was registered with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s team. Our photo, minus a few faces, is below.

The Paper Dolls

The Paper Dolls

2 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: Race & party

  1. I wish I could have stopped by to wish congrats to all the LRmomma bloggers saturday night. After working my own booth for work at the race I had to find the energy to work another event sat night. So congratulations on a great start – really enjoying the site!!


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