Arkie Mama: My impossible hair

So the last time I had a haircut was *cough* July 2008. That would also be the last time I had highlights done.

Part of the reason I haven’t made it back to the salon is the lack of time. The other is due to the newsroom paycuts implemented last March.

The situation now is quite dire. My ends are scraggly and I have a significant stripe halfway down my head where the highlights have grown out.

In short, I need some suggestions? First, how to cut the hair this time? I like it longish, or at least shoulder-length, but my hair is really fine and straight. Second, where can I get a cut and highlights without breaking the very strained bank account?

Behold the horror:

On a good day - Oct. 8

On a good day - Oct. 8

On a bad day - Oct. 3

On a bad day - Oct. 3

In my defense, the second photo was taken during our camping trip last week, which is why I so closely resemble Kim Carnes. As for the first — can you see that stripe?!


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