Arkie Mama: ‘Are we getting a shot?’

“Yes,” I told the children. “Today we’re getting flu shots.”

You can imagine the mutiny in the backseat.

It used to be so easy. I’d lay my babies on the table, they would cry for moment and then I’d nurse them to sleep. No biggie.


Oh. My. Hell.

Last year, I had to peel the E-man off the  wall. Once I got him loose, he promptly latched onto the bench in the exam room. This kid wasn’t going down without a fight. Part of the problem was that Tootie had gone first, thereby giving her little brother an inkling of what was to come. After watching Tootie wail and thrash, no way was the E-man going willingly to that table.

This year, I told them to vaccinate the little man first. I hoisted him onto the table, then held his hands during the injection. He cried, then curled up on the bench into a petulant, glaring little ball of suppressed fury. He maintained this pose while his sister got hers. She opened her mouth to shriek, but closed it when I told her it was over.

Thing is, I can’t really blame them. I was terrified of shots as a kid, especially those giant-needled penicillin injections they used to give you for strep throat. (I am now allergic to penicillin. Why could I not have developed that allergy as a wee child?)

I still remember being chased around an exam room by my mom and a nurse, who finally called in reinforcements. It took three people to hold me down while the nurse jammed that needle in my rear.

So really, I can’t complain too much.


Little Rock Mamas will continue to man a booth for the remainder of the Duck Duck Goose sale. Hot Mama is there right now. Moody Mom and Blessed Mom will be there this afternoon and evening. I’ll be in and out today, and in again tomorrow for the half-price sale.

So make sure to stop by! We’re right by the entrance/exit. See below.


See? Very accessible!

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