Arkie Mama: A love story

In 1993, as I neared my college graduation, a friend and fellow journalism student named Tyra asked if I would be interested in a copy editing job at the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. She had been offered a position there, but was unable to take it.

And thus I landed my first newspaper job.

A year or so ago, I somehow stumbled across a blog created by Tyra to keep friends and family informed about her husband Steve’s health.

Steve, only in his late 30s, had been diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer. He and Tyra dubbed the tumor “Spot.” Their last name is Damm, so throughout the course of Steve’s treatment they adopted this motto: Out Damm Spot.

I read all of Tyra’s old posts and then continued to follow her blog daily.

To say that what I read was inspiring would be an understatement. Each post left me more in awe of Tyra’s strength and unshakable faith. Each post reminded me how very precious each day is.

Steve died early this morning. He leaves behind not only Tyra, but two young children, Cooper and Katie.

Tyra spent the night curled up next to him. When he took his last breath, she was holding his hand.

Theirs is a love story cut short. But their journey together — through marriage, the births of their children and, yes, a devastating diagnosis — was a beautiful one, filled with devotion and a determination to make the most of every day they had.

Rest in peace, Steve.

Tyra, you and your children will be in my thoughts and prayers in the difficult weeks ahead.

3 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: A love story

  1. Such a sweet story. This made me cry . . . at my desk . . . during lunch. Thank goodness for Kleenex. I wish for peace for this family.


  2. How sad that their time together was so short. Tyra and her children will certainly be in my prayers. May God give them comfort.


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