Arkie Mama: Reading nooks

As a kid, I loved nothing more than to curl up in our backyard hammock with a beloved book.

Even after those blissful summer afternoons had been relegated to childhood memories, I continued to seek out cozy spots for reading.

Which is why I love nooks, little corners of the house where I can tuck in a rocking chair or mound of pillows.

This is my current spot, in the back corner of our living room. To the left — not visible in the photo — are two tiny built-in shelves, perfect for a couple of library books or dogeared novels.

The chair is a hand-me-down from friends, the lamp came from IKEA.

The chair is a hand-me-down from friends, the lamp came from IKEA.

This is where I sit each morning to read the newspaper, provided my daughter doesn’t beat me there. She, too, loves tucked-away havens.

In the kids’ rooms, I’ve always reserved one corner for a reading nook. Sometimes there’s a chair there. Or beanbags. Or big throw pillows. I’m about to redo a corner in my daughter’s room, because … well, I stole her chair. I know, I know. But the chair took up so much space in there.

The reading nook also is ideal for napping.

The reading nook also is ideal for napping.

Here’s the E-man’s corner:

Someone is not paying attention to the book!

Someone is not paying attention to the book!

I’d love to redo his as well, but that will have to wait until I can afford the cute, red, miniature armchair I’m envisioning.

I hope to have Tootie’s done by the end of the weekend.

My inspiration this go-round?

Amanda (Soulemama) and Minvera (Mama without borders).

Take a look at their reading nooks and tell me you aren’t similarly inspired.

For Minvera’s, go here. I love, love, love her decorating style.

And for Amanda’s, head here and here. I visit her blog each day for a little bit of much-needed serenity.

Anybody else have nooks? If so, I’d love to hear about them.

4 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: Reading nooks

  1. That is how i choose my furniture. If i can’t be comfortable in it reading a book, i won’t even consider owning it. I had a place in our bedroom in our old house. A corner, a really soft chair and the lastest Mary Higgins Clark (my all time favorite author), i’m am lost for hours!


  2. Oh yeah, we have a reading nook in our office area with a stuffed green chair for the pint sized one. Her books don’t have a shelf, so they live all around it … and the dog occupies it in her absense 🙂


  3. I am not a big reader – can’t sit still that long.
    I do like to lounge in my hammock with my daughter. We like to watch the hummingbirds fight over the feeder, squirrels run up and down trees and find cloud designs. Currently the hammock is in the front yard. Koda likes to chew on anything left out in the back.


  4. We probably have more reading nooks than necessary – but there are comfy spots in cornerrs all over the house. In our 3 year olds’ “preparing for pre-k” calendar preparing a reading nook was the August activity. Check.


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