Arkie Mama: And so we went a’wondering

My daughter loves the Frances books. You remember Frances, right? The little badger who wanted only bread and jam?

Tootie’s favorite Frances book is Best Friends for Frances.

She’s most intrigued by this passage:

“Let’s play baseball,” said Frances.

“I can’t,” said Albert. “Today is my wandering day.”

“Where do you wander?” said Frances.

“I just go around until I get hungry,” said Albert. “Then I eat  my lunch.”

Turns out Albert’s wandering expeditions involve “snake and frog work,” throwing stones at fences and looking for crow feathers.

When we finished the book Friday night, Tootie wanted to talk about wandering, or, as she put it, “wondering.”

I was about to correct her when I realized that Albert’s wandering is based on wonder, that wonderful childhood perception that all things are new and marvelous. A funny-shaped leaf, a puddle loaded with tadpoles, a robin’s newly hatched babies — all instill a sense of wonder in children.

“Let’s go wondering this weekend,” Tootie suggested.

And so we did.

Pinnacle Mountain walking path

Pinnacle Mountain walking path

My little explorer

My little explorer



And onward...

And onward...

I love hiking. But I often miss things along the way because I’m so set on getting to  the destination — the waterfall, the top of the mountain, etc…

Children don’t let you rush by all there is to see. They make you stop. Look. And wonder.

3 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: And so we went a’wondering

  1. i LOVE it cathy! i try to tell myself this when we are out with nate for our evening scooter/bike rides…if we get home 10 minutes later, oh well. we need to go wandering this coming weekend for sure.


  2. What a wonderful blog today! And I love that you took them “wondering” on Saturday even though I’m sure you had lots of other things you needed to do.


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