Arkie Mama: Friday-night expectations

Guess who thinks he’s getting lucky?

Guess who wants nothing more than a glass of wine, a good book and some solitary veg-out time on the couch?

Guess who’s an hour away from making that first move?

Guess who’s wearing a ripped lavender T-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts with palm trees on them? (stunning ensemble, I know)

Guess who doesn’t care that his wife looks … well, frumpy.

I’ll close with a paragraph from one of my favorite southern author/columnists, Susan Reinhardt:

“Most of us wives love our mates, but frankly are in the Humpty-Dumpty mood far less than they. It’s human and animal nature. Sorry. It just is. Ever see a lioness run? See the does dash? Hear the girl birds screech? See a female human pretend to be asleep or having her second period in as many weeks?

But just how often are we ladies saying those dreaded words “Not tonight, hon, I’m feeling a little tired,” and thinking that which we dare not vocalize? And probably not tomorrow night either, sugarplum.”

— Excerpt from Not tonight, Honey. Wait ’til I’m a size 6.

3 thoughts on “Arkie Mama: Friday-night expectations

  1. Too funny. and too familiar.
    The worst part is, I WANT to want to. I love my Mister so much. But the thought of sleep is the only thing that drives me wild with desire these days!
    thanks for coming to visit!


  2. Arkie Mama,
    You have a gift for capturing the way us tired out but lovin’ mamas feel so much of the time — and is “Not Tonight Dear..” Your book? What a fantastic title!

    So glad to find you again.


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